TAOG Position on Abortion

The Texas Association of  Obstetricians and Gynecologists recognizes that the abortion debate  involves complex moral issues of profound importance to its members and society, and acknowledges that thoughtful members hold a variety of  positions with respect to abortion ethics. It finds itself unable to  articulate consensus opinions on most issues of abortion ethics that  fairly represent the range of views held by its members. In recognition of this limitation, the Texas Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists expresses respect for the need and responsibility of  members to individually participate in the abortion debate based on  personal beliefs and analysis of the issues.  

TAOG Position on Teen/Adolescent Pregnancy

TAOG acknowledges the importance of preventing teenage/adolescent pregnancy with its  associated emotional, physical, and financial toll. Further, TAOG recognizes and promotes abstinence as the healthiest choice for  unmarried adolescents. TAOG also recognizes the importance of factual contraceptive information and education for those individuals who decide  to be sexually active. Thus, TAOG promotes abstinence and contraceptive education as the primary mechanism to prevent teenage/adolescent  pregnancy.